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  • Armageddon
  • Thunder
  • Pale Ale
  • Awakening Pilsner
  • Lager
  • Hop Zombie
  • Stone Hammer IPA
  • Epic Thor Imperial IPA
  • Epic Gods of War IPA
  • Rocket IPA
  • Hop Harvester NZIPA
  • Hysteria IPA
  • Chomium Chromatic Ale
  • Big Bang Double IPA
  • Static IPA


What’s better than a beer? A case of beer!

  • Armageddon IPA 12 x 500ml Case
  • Thunder APA 12 x 500ml Case
  • Hop Zombie 12 x 500ml Case
  • Hop Zombie DIPA 24x330ml Case
  • Armageddon IPA 24x330ml Case
  • Lager 24 x 330ml Case
  • Awakening 24 x 330ml Case
  • Pale Ale 24 x 330ml Case
  • Thunder 24 x 330ml Case
  • Pale Ale 12 x 500ml Case
  • Lager 12 x 500ml Case
  • Awakening Pils 12 x 500ml Case


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Epic Flavour

It reflected the way I like to brew beer. I like to have big aromas, flavours and taste in the beers.

Epic Challenge

To start a new beer brand in this day and age, in a mature market, dominated by multinationals with huge resources, and the public perception that beer is a low value commodity, is a big challenge.

Epic Journey

Everyone that lives in New Zealand, or travelled here for a holiday, they at some point in their or their ancestors lives had to make an Epic Journey. Whether it be by canoe or commercial airliner they traveled a great distance to the end of the world to be in this beautiful country of New Zealand.