Magic Dust IPA: Voted Favourite

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In a recent online poll, we asked you what your favourite beer release of the last twelve months was. Well, the results are in and Magic Dust took the lead, closely followed by Stone Hammer IPA. Thanks to everyone that participated in May’s online survey.

If you missed the story behind Magic Dust IPA, this was a brand new brewing technique for New Zealand, where Mosaic LupuLN2™ from YCH Hops was used. In a nutshell, the vegetal matter has been removed from the hops via cryogenic separation, leaving the lupulin powder – the good stuff. It’s this good stuff that we used to hop Magic Dust – thus the name, also.

Within a couple of days of it being launched into the wild in New Zealand, it was quickly apparent that this brew was going down pretty well. Untappd ratings are way up there, here are some sweet examples:

Our Cuzzies across the ditch have been loving it too. Thanks to everyone that has tried it and given feedback. Unfortunately, there are always a few of our fans that miss out in some of the one-off brews, including this one. If you haven’t had a chance to try it, there is still hope. We’re stoked to advise that we have tucked away a sneaky batch to be available on tap at GABS in Auckland – so if you haven’t already got a ticket, grab one now!

Thanks again to everyone who has sent in the awesome feedback, this is really useful and we’ll keep using this to keep trying to make the tastiest brews as possible for you.


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