March 4th, 2014 Posted by 1 comment


    Travelling across the sky. A Chariot. Legendary Warrior. Fighting the giants. The people know he is fighting for them. God of Thunder. Sound of the drums, beating in your heart. Maybe you’ll shiver, maybe you’ll quiver. Quick on the trigger, thunder and lightning.

    ABV: 5.8%
    IBU: 35
    EBC (SRM): 15
    SHIELD: Stone Hammer (500ml)

    US Columbus
    US Chinook
    US Mosaic

    One comment

    Kayne Davis says:

    I tryed this at my local Craft beer joint and have been looking for it ever since! It is up there as the best beer I’ve ever tasted ! Stoked to see it’s now being sold in bottles ! Epic you make some great beer !

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