28 April 2017: Epic Rocket Launch @ Vultures

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Let’s light this candle.

You will come for the Epic Rocket Launch.

You will stay for the Awakening Pils, Armageddon IPA, Apocalypse Black IPA, Hop Zombie Double IPA, Rooster Double Hoppy Lager, Lupulingus Imperial IPA, Pale Ale, Lager, Son of Thor IPA, St Luke Milestone Ale, Stone Hammer IPA, Thunder APA, Danger Zone XPA, Snow White White IPA & Roxanne Red IPA.

It’s going to be monumental.

Notes from Luke:

So what’s the story behind Epic Rocket IPA? The root of the idea for this beer and the IPA Hysteria series came from the launch of Epic Armageddon IPA. Each time we would put Armageddon on tap at a bar the song “Armageddon It” would be played (yes I am partly responsible for some of the playings of this song, but did get old after several years). This was back in 2009. As the years went on more and more breweries started making IPA’s, then Epic started making multiple IPA’s per year. At some point, I read an article about the hysteria of IPA’s. This triggered the idea of coming out with a series of beers that had names inspired by the track titles from the Def Leppard album Hysteria. I decided that after all the “Best IPA” awards Armageddon had been winning, was it possible to make the recipe better. The Hysteria IPA’s are based on the Armageddon recipe with mostly changes to the hops at this stage. Rocket IPA focuses on a couple of the Armageddon hops, Centennial and Columbus. It is a learning process, and I’ve got a feeling that I may have overdone the Columbus hops in this batch. It is going to be a love it or hate it beer. The main character I have gotten so far off initial tastes is big diesel fuel. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. A couple of other interesting points about the label. The reference to “let’s light this candle” comes from astronaut John Glenn who was the first American to orbit the earth. Sadly he died December 8th last year, around the time I was creating the beer. We originally had Rocket scheduled for brewing in January. The odd thing though is that he died in Columbus, Ohio. Odd that the town has the same name as the hops used. Anyway get out and taste it as soon as you can as we have sent a bit to Australia and the volume we got out of the brewery was less than expected, so I’m sure It will run out long before I’ve tried it enough times. The Hysteria IPA releases are single batch only.

Let us know if you can make – click to go to the FB event here.

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