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Chromium “Chromatic” Ale

July 30th, 2017 Posted by New Beer, Uncategorized 4 comments


Chromium as an element is present in brewer’s yeast, cereals such as barley, hard water, and foods prepared in stainless steel vessels. Therefore one could assume that beer is a potential source for your daily intake of Chromium. This isn’t a health or medical endorsement for this beverage. What it is, is a really cool name for a beer right? Something new and shiny for the spring and summer seasons.

About the beer

We thought about what would be a great beer taste for Spring since it is right around the corner. The idea started as an Amber Ale but sometimes they can be too malty, so this is a Pale Ale with more malt flavour, sweetness and a bit more body.
This beer doesn’t have any funky random ingredients, just a really solid flavoursome beer, that you could have a couple of pints with friends.

The name is really random though. It was based on the finish we wanted on the label, and we found out from some research that Chromium is an element present in brewers yeast, barley, water and foods prepared in stainless steel. Who knew?
A typical big hop forward Pale Ale you have known to expect and love from Epic, but the difference is the extra malt body, malt sweetness and subtle nutty malt flavour.

The Shield has a 24 which is close to the number of hops but also is the elemental number on the periodic table. Silly name, awesome beer.

ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 30


Hysteria IPA – It’s Such a Magical Mysteria…

July 25th, 2017 Posted by New Beer, Uncategorized 5 comments

You love hops. We love hops. You love IPA’s. We love IPA’s.

The Hysteria project continues with our latest remix of the Armageddon IPA recipe. This time pushing the edge of how many hops we can add to the whirlpool. Haha, maybe a little too many.

Fanatical. Mysterial. Hysterical.

Hysteria is our 2017 entrant to the 10th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge in Wellington.

It will be launching into the wild on Tuesday 1 August 2017.

About the beer: 

ABV: 6.9%


This is the third release in the IPA Hysteria series and follows on from Gods of War and Rocket. Hysteria is a perfect name since its releases is timed with the 10th Annual West Coast IPA Challenge held in Wellington, where Epic IPA’s have won four times.

This time around we have pulled out all the stops to see if we can level up the Armageddon recipe. A little change to the malt with the use of some US grown Pale Ale malt. Also some tweaks to the hops, this time including some NZ grown hops.

The NZ grown hops have had a noticeable influence on the aroma and flavour, giving it a real NZ IPA feel. Sub tropical fruit notes with hints of green mango and passionfruit.

Distribution: New Zealand and Australia (Australian dates TBC).

Cold Chain – Keeping Beer Fresh Since Ages Ago!

July 20th, 2017 Posted by BetterBrewingBetterBeer, Uncategorized 6 comments

Ed Jefferies – Epic Production Manager

There’s been a bit of chatter recently about the quality of beer. I had a chat with our Production Manager, Ed Jefferies, about the systems we have in place to make sure our beer is the best quality by the time it gets to our customers and consumers. It turns out that how we handle the beer from the point of brewing to getting to the glass is pretty bloody important. The buzz word that’s going around is ‘Cold Chain’; Ed gave me the lowdown.

Our beers ready for dispatch in chilled storage

What is Cold Chain?
Cold chain is when you keep your beers chilled for as long as you possibly can in the supply chain; Ideally from the brewery right to the pint in your hand.

What’s our process?
For kegs, when kegs are produced they go directly to cold storage. They then get delivered directly to the customer where they go straight into cold storage. For exports, our beers are sent in cold storage shipping containers and sent to a chilled storage facility before distribution to our customers. For distribution throughout New Zealand, the only time that kegs are out of cold storage is in transit. This ensures that our beer is as fresh as possible by the time it gets to our customers and the final beer drinker.

What happens if the beer is not chilled?
If beer is not chilled, it ages a lot faster which reduces the freshness of the beer. They say that chilling your beer, it stays fresher for three times longer. This applies more for hop forward beers like IPAs, as hop flavours do drop off as the beer ages. With stouts and darker beers, a bit of age can sometimes be a good thing. For example, The Observer, now with a bit of age has mellowed them out and rounded it’s flavour – Imperium is at its peak right now.

What’s your biggest worry?
When it comes to bottled beer, it’s a bit of a different story. After leaving the brewery, our beer does go straight to cold storage. Once we have sold them to our customers, we have no control over where it’s stored. It could be sitting in an ambient warehouse over summer for a month essentially cooking. That’s obviously beyond our control, so that’s why all of our products are kept chilled when it’s in our control. We try to brew the very best beer that we can, and also take care of it the best that we can. We’re committed to making sure our quality is the best it can be. At the end of the day, our consumers want to have a good beer experience and we want to do everything that we can to ensure this.