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Armageddon picks up Gold at Melbourne

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Armageddon IPA won a gold medal in the IPA category at last week’s 2017 Australian International Beer Awards. This is its 11th gold medal since 2009!

Lager Wins Gold!

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For this first time EVER, Epic Lager has picked up a Gold Medal at the Australian International Beer Awards. Year after year it has picked up multiple silver and bronze medals, so we are stoked that it has done so well in 2017.

Here’s an interesting fact for you – It was originally released 18 months after the Pale Ale was launched. Initial feedback on Pale Ale was that it was “way too hoppy”. Luke brewed and launched the Lager as more drinkable beer for the masses positioned between mainstream green bottle lager and Pale Ale, and it has been an important part of our core range ever since – once referred to as the “Epic Gateway Beer”.

You can celebrate too by getting a case of Epic Lager here!

Three SIMPLE Tips to Improve Your Homebrew

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The purpose of this blog is to essentially help you get the most out of your beer experiences; From buying, drinking or brewing. After all, life is too short for bad beer.

Is there anything in particular that you’d like to know more about? Please comment below and we’ll do our best to answer your question or add a feature for you.


Homebrewing is a pretty labour intensive exercise. After cleaning your equipment, the brewing, bottling and of course waiting for your beer to be ready to drink, it’s more than disheartening if your beer doesn’t turn out well.

Here are three simple tips to help up your brew-game:

ONE: Filter your water.
Tap water in New Zealand usually has chlorine in it, which is not helpful for your homebrew. If you have a water filter, use it. If not, you could pre-boil your water to get rid of the chlorine out of the water. Like so many things with brewing, there is a real science behind water conditions and they part they play in brewing – we’ll tackle that subject later.

TWO: Use glass or stainless steel for fermentation.
This is a bit of an investment, but it’ll last forever and it will help. Glass and stainless are inert, whereas plastic is reactive.

THREE: Use liquid yeast!
It’s important to use a good liquid yeast, such as Wyeast. Why? Yeast is a living organism. Liquid yeast is happy yeast, dried yeast is stressed yeast. No one wants stressed yeast as it can give your brew some less than desirable flavours. Like water, there is a whole science behind yeast, we’ll get into that in another post.

We’d love to know if these tips help.

If you have some tips to add or there’s something else you’d like to know about, please ask in the comments below.

Happy brewing!

South Island Series

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Stockton Pale Ale
This will the first of the South Island series. Luke’s Dad’s family were from the West Coast of the South Island where his Great Grandfather worked in the mines. This first beer is named after one of the mines he worked in: “Stockton”.

This beer is brewed in the South Island, using South Island grown malt, hops and the local water. It will only be available, you guessed it, in the South Island!

Pomeroys, 12 May 2017.


Magic Dust – A Hop Revolution?

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You may remember last month we wrote about the brand new product called Lupulin Powder, or LupuLN2™ from our friends at YCH Hops:

We are the first brewery in New Zealand to import and use this product. LupuLN2 is essentially the concentrated lupulin from whole hop flowers, with all of the extra vegetable matter removed by a cryogenic separation process. This makes for a much more efficient brew, and as you’ll find out – it tastes really good too!

About Magic Dust IPA

Magic Dust is built on the original “Mosaic – One Trick Pony” beer. It has is a rich copper colour with a wonderful hoppy aroma of passionfruit and citrus, the lupulin powder delivers a sticky guava flavour with medium bitterness and a hoppy aftertaste.

ABV: 6.9%
IBU: 45
Hops: Mosaic (LupuLN2™)
Malt: Pale Ale

Where to get it
Here are just some of the confirmed locations so far:
16 Tun
The Lumsden Free House
Liquorland Newmarket
Liquorland Mount Maunganui & Tauranga
Hamilton Beer & Wine Co
Volstead Trading Company