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Rocket – New Addition to the IPA Hysteria Series

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The second release in the series, following Gods of War, we continue to perform Rocket surgery on the near perfect Armageddon IPA recipe. Curiosity leads us into a world of experimentation, this time smashing Columbus and Centennial into a space only the Large Hadron Collider could have the energy to male possible. Pop the cap and “Light This Candle”.

ABV: 6.6%
IBU: 55
Hops: US Columbus & Centennial
Malt: Maris Otter, Pale Ale

Notes from Luke:

So what’s the story behind Epic Rocket IPA? The root of the idea for this beer and the IPA Hysteria series came from the launch of Epic Armageddon IPA. Each time we would put Armageddon on tap at a bar the song “Armageddon It” would be played (yes I am partly responsible for some of the playings of this song, but did get old after several years). This was back in 2009. As the years went on more and more breweries started making IPA’s, then Epic started making multiple IPA’s per year. At some point, I read an article about the hysteria of IPA’s. This triggered the idea of coming out with a series of beers that had names inspired by the track titles from the Def Leppard album Hysteria. I decided that after all the “Best IPA” awards Armageddon had been winning, was it possible to make the recipe better. The Hysteria IPA’s are based on the Armageddon recipe with mostly changes to the hops at this stage. Rocket IPA focuses on a couple of the Armageddon hops, Centennial and Columbus. It is a learning process, and I’ve got a feeling that I may have overdone the Columbus hops in this batch. It is going to be a love it or hate it beer. The main character I have gotten so far off initial tastes is big diesel fuel. I’ll leave that up to you to decide. A couple of other interesting points about the label. The reference to “let’s light this candle” comes from astronaut John Glenn who was the first American to orbit the earth. Sadly he died December 8th last year, around the time I was creating the beer. We originally had Rocket scheduled for brewing in January. The odd thing though is that he died in Columbus, Ohio. Odd that the town has the same name as the hops used. Anyway get out and taste it as soon as you can as we have sent a bit to Australia and the volume we got out of the brewery was less than expected, so I’m sure It will run out long before I’ve tried it enough times. The Hysteria IPA releases are single batch only.


Launching on 28 April 2017 at Vultures. 500ml bottle stock will launch into the NZ wild from 1 May 2017.

Here’s the video from Rocket’s Launch at Vultures Lane.

Better Brewing Better Beer

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The purpose of this blog is to essentially help you get the most out of your beer experiences; From buying, drinking or brewing. After all, life is too short for bad beer.

Is there anything in particular that you’d like to know more about? Please comment below and we’ll do our best to answer your question or add a feature for you.


One thing that Luke is asked often is why some beer doesn’t seem to retain it’s head. This can easily be blamed on a issue in carbonation or a potential fault in your beer, however it could be as simple as the glass you’re drinking from hasn’t been washed and rinsed properly.

Beer foam is important – it influences how your beer tastes, smells and looks. There is a protein that exists in beer that occurs naturally in barley called Lipid Transfer Protein 1, or LTP1, which latches onto CO2 in the brewing and bottling/ kegging process. Allan Wolfe has written an awesome article on the science of foam – check it out.

We thought we’d show you the effects of trace detergent in a beer glass. We had 2 identical glasses that were filled with two Hop Zombies from the exact same batch. Both glasses were washed in hot water then dried, however one glass was rinsed well in hot water before being dried. Check out what happened:

As you can see, there is a clear difference in the head retention on the beer in the glass that wasn’t washed and rinsed properly. Even after Luke took a sip of his delicious foam-retained Hop Zombie, the un-rinsed glass’s foam was visibly struggling in comparison. Here’s the Luke’s eye view:

As you can see, the glass on the right has barely any foam retention. F**k you, detergent.

You could try this experiment yourself, but we don’t want you to waste any of your beer. Enjoy your beer!

Got any comments or suggestions? Is there anything that you’d like to know about? Comment below!

Armageddon IPA Wins AGAIN!

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Armageddon IPA has done it again – WINNER BEST IPA 2017 New World Beer & Cider Awards

I’m sure you have tried this before, but we thought you had better try it again as it has just won the Best IPA again for the second consecutive year at the New World Beer & Cider Awards. This is on top of winning Best IPA the last two years at the Brewers Guild Beer Awards 2015 & 2016. Plus winning Best IPA at the 2015 Australian International Beer Awards and the 2015 Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival. That is seven Best in Class trophies in just over two years. You can see why Michael Donaldson has also named this as the #1 beer in his Top 50 Greatest Beers in New Zealand.

Read the judges comments here.

The list of accolades for Epic Armageddon 
2017 BEST IPA – New World Beer & Cider Awards
2016 #1 Greatest Beer in New Zealand – Michael Donaldson, Beer Writer of the Year 2016
2016 #1 Best Beer of 2016 – Neil Miller, Beer Writer of the Year 2015
2016 BEST IPA – Brewers Guild of NZ Beer Awards
2016 GOLD IPA – Australian International Beer Awards
2016 BEST IPA – New World Beer Awards
2015 BEST IPA – NZ Beer Awards
2015 BEST IPA – Australian International Beer Awards
2015 BEST IPA – Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival
2013 BEST IPA – Systembolaget Sweden
2012 BEST BEER – NZ Beer Awards
2011 BEST IPA – NZ Beer Awards
2010 BEST Barrel Aged IPA – NZ Beer Awards
2009 BEST IPS – NZ Beer Awards