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15 different hops per bottle?

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No. Many people make this mistake on there first reading of the back label of the bottle. It is actually one single hop variety used in the brewing of Epic Pale Ale – US grown Cascade. The back label says “…In fact there are 15 crammed into this bottle.” I knew I was using alot of hops to make Epic Pale Ale so I thought it should be celebrated on the label. I had to work out some measure that people could possibly understand. I contacted our hop supplier Hopunion, and ask how we could work this out. We came up with a formula and worked out it was 15.4 hops per bottle. Wanting under promise and over deliver we rounded it down to 15 for the label. Cheers Luke

What fruits do you add to Epic Pale Ale?

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Yes the aroma of Epic is very fruit driven with people getting citrus, grapefruit, rose petals, turkish delight and apricots. But there is nothing other than malt, hops, yeast and water used in the making of Epic to give it the aroma and flavour it has. The intensity is the significant amount of hops we add to the beer throughout the process. And I mean alot, like 3000% more than the average beer. So the answer is no fruits are added, just shed-loads of hops.