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Pre-Release Epic Lager

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Today I’m delivering two kegs of pre-release Epic Lager to Hallertau. This is the first time it will be available for sale in Auckland. It has been available for a number of weeks in Wellington. On Tap at the Malthouse On Fill Your Own at Regional Wines & Spirits If and when you have tried it, please give me some feedback. Any feedback will contribute to the final tweaks before formulating the final recipe.

Regional Wines APA and IPA tasting

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Last week Regional Wines & Spirits held an APA and IPA tasting run by Geoff Griggs. Out of the New Zealand beers tasted Epic Pale Ale was ranked the highest (votes) Epic Pale Ale (25) Founders Fair Maiden (16) Tuatara IPA (9) Renaissance Discovery APA (3)

Beer from the Motherland

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Epic Pale Ale 5.4%ABV The first APA up and it’s the star of recent NZ beer history. Full of American hops and finding its way into chillers that have never seen a craft beer in there lives its big its brash and you’ll never again be hopless. Pours a pale gold with a sustained white head. Aroma features a complex mix of lychees, a touch of gooseberry, an un defined tropical fruit note, tropic Just Juice? . On the palate there is lots of tropical fruit, a slight salty note, some sweet malt a slightly hollow finish that seems to be neither bitter nor sweet. Fantastic aroma, a little unbalanced on the palate. from Beer from the Motherland – by Kieran Haslett-Moore Full Story

Epic @ Headspace 07

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Epic Pale Ale was the exclusive beer sponsor at the Headspace 07 launch party (Thursday 04 October 2007). Great night and even made it into the social pages for Herald on Sunday. Photos see George FM About Headspace 07 Headspace 07 Website

Best Of 2007 – Epic Mayhem

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Best Of 2007 by Neil Miller for Salient “Best beers of 2007 Epic Mayhem – looks good, tastes great but I’d better have another just to be sure.” Full Story