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The Best of New Zealand – Epic Pale Ale – Best Beer

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We have so much to be proud of in New Zealand, but you might be forgiven sometimes for thinking that our main pastoral industry was tall-poppy lopping. So here, with a wide-ranging but by no means exhaustive list, the Listener happily celebrates the best of New Zealand – and invites you, the reader, to celebrate, too, with your own contributions. The full text of this article appears in the NZ Listener (August 4-10 2007), on sale now. The full text will be available online on Aug 25, 2007.

iPhone meets Epic Pale Ale

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Last night (only 13 days after the release of the iPhone) Epic Pale Ale got to have its first encounter with an iPhone, and in Auckland, New Zealand of all places (that’s 10,530km from San Francisco), and it was working, though only on Wi-Fi (sim card removed). The iPhone was at the Auckland Web Meetup and everyone was very excited to check it out, while drinking an Epic Pale Ale. Epic likes iPhone Thanks for the pic Mike